Kutani Sake Set could be the best Gift

Send “Thank you” and “Congratulations!” with presents

We’re appreciate that you’ve been considering our products as a gift for your loved one. JAPAN KUTANI SHOP offer high-quality masterpieces from Japan and we are very confident to make your important person happy. 


There is one thing that we think quite important when sending gift and It is how much you put your thought into a gift.

So if you can’t find the best one which reflect your thought in our shop, please feel free to ask us and we’ll be happy to help you to select.

One of very popular gift is Sake set.
Japanese Sake is getting popular more and more lately and many people drink it with wine glasses. But many Japanese people actually drink it with sake set because they know that the flavor is completely different with it.

If your important person is Sake Lover or love to drink liquor, Sake set can be the best choice. Premium Sake set makes his/her life more special and it reminds of you every time when drinking sake 😉

How about sending sake set to your husband?

How about sending Japanese masterpiece as the Birthday gifts with your celebration and/or gratitude to your husband? If your family like to eat Japanese dishes, the dinner must be the special one!

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